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A New Season Begins: 2024

2024 Season the begin soon!

The 2024 Growing Season Shall Begin Soon, As Will Landscape Maintenance Services

2024 Season the begin soon!

Dear most valued clients,

Winter will soon come to an end, and give up its reign. Spring shall take over, and with it warmer weather will once again stimulate plant growth. I assue you, I am ready to serve you once again in caring for your landscape maintenance needs. Equiptment has been serviced, and soon the schedule shall be set.

The plan for 2024 is to start lawn aerations as soon as the soils are firm enough to get on a lawn. Lawn aeration is an important maintenance service the helps remove any compaction in the soils, improve drainage, and improve the oxygen concentraition in the soils. This service is typically done in the Spring or the Fall. On a highly maintained lawn or well planted landscape lawn aeration in both the Spring and Fall is not uncommon.

Following lawn aeration I will start Spring clean ups and mulch installation. I also suggest for mulch installation that you consider a bed weed control application. This is an application of a material that is broadcast spread into the landscape bed. This material is effective for six months in preventing the germnation of weed seed. One of the most common complaints I hear is that, “the weeds are out of control”. I can tell you that the material that I use is very effective in preventing weeds in the average landscape, and greatly reduces weeds in a heavily infested landscape.

The mulch that I use is a triple shredded hardwood bark mulch, either black or brown, your choice. I purchase my mulch from Baetens Nursery, Todd and Jonathon Baeten are highly reputable nurserymen and provide quality products. Alternatively I also use Pine Bark mulch and Pine straw as a mulch product. Both of these materials are a sustainable material which do not break down as quickly as a hardwood mulch does. If you would like more information on these material please contact me and I can schedule a time we can meet and discuss the use on your landscape.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and with that in mind, I offer landscape design and installation services. If you would like to explore updating your landscape, or just adding a plant or two, I would love to discuss your desire and give you guidance and whic plants do well in our region and which plants I would suggest avoiding. If this is someting that is of value to you please contact me and we will schedule a time that is convient t your schedule. Please don’t wait too late as plant availability can be limited and schedule will book up quickly as the weather warms. My annual maintenace clients always come first, and I fill the schedule as time is available.

I would like to express my appreciation to you for trusting me to help you care for your landscape. This isn’t something I take lightly, it’s a trust and committment that is worked at and gained each season, year after year. I continue to educate myself so that I can serve you well, I look for ways to save you money, and use my experience to prevent losses in your landscape where it is possible. I look forward to serving you again in 2024, I look forward to a great growing season. Thank you for your time, I will see you very soon.

– Michael