WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC - "Naturally Beautiful Landscapes"

Landscape Design and Installation

WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC is Northern Kentuckys Landscape Design and Installation Company

WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC offers its clients landscape design and installation service. So you might ask, “Why hire WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC for your next landscape design project?” Good question!

Michael White is an ISA Certified Arborist, a Master Gardener, a trained plant health care specialist. Michael also invests in seasonal training to be able to keep up with disease and pest insect trends. Michael attends synposiums at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens which allows him to gain knowledge from growers, university researcher, Botanical garden directors, and well known landscape designers.

When WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC is hired to design and plant a new landscape project, all of the knowledge and experience comes into play to make sure only sustainable plants that perform well are used. Pest insects, disease, and environmental considerations are all taken into consideration in each design. You would think that all of this would be common sense, but the reality is many companies are only concerned about creating a beautiful design. That won’t happen when you hire WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC. I promise!

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