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Plant Health Care

What is plant health care service? Why is it important? Plant Health Care (PHC) is one of the most important services that a homeowner can have! Plant health care is a service in which the landscape is scouted looking for pest, disease, and environmental issues guided by the science of phenology. By using known relationships

Pruning Service

What is pruning services? Why is it important to have my trees and shrubs pruned? Tree and shrub pruning is a maintenance service that aims at encouraging the shape of the tree or shrubs structure. It is used to maintain clearence between the plant and structures such as your home and walkways. Pruning of trees

Seasonal Clean Up

What does a seasonal landscape clean include? Why is it important for your landscape ? WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC offers both Spring and Fall landscape clean up service to their clients. Spring clean up service typically consists of cutting back of ornamental grasses, perennial debris, overwintered groundcovers such as Liriope. In the Spring you can now