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Seasonal Clean Up

What does a seasonal landscape clean include? Why is it important for your landscape ?

WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC offers both Spring and Fall landscape clean up service to their clients.

Spring clean up service typically consists of cutting back of ornamental grasses, perennial debris, overwintered groundcovers such as Liriope. In the Spring you can now safely cut back roses and get them ready for another growing season. There are ornamental shrubs that can be trimmed up to obtain a tidy appearance such as Boxwoods and Hydrangea that bloom on new wood. Then any debris such as leaves and twigs are removed from landscape beds so that they are ready to be mulched. Spring clean up is a time to prepare the landscape for the beginning of a new growing, to access the condition of the ornamental shrubs that have just endured Winter, and gain a working plan of actions that should be addressed to maintain a healthy balanced landscape.

Fall clean up service typically consist of trimming ornamental shrubs that are Summer bloomers, and shrubs like Boxwoods, Yews, and Chamaecyparis (False Cypress). Some clients prefer to cut back ornamental grasses in the Fall to maintain a tidy landscape, they also have Daylily and Liriope cut back. As we move into late October and November Annuals are usually tired and ready to come out of the landscape. Fall clean up is a time to ready the landscape for a Winter slumber, look for signs of disease and insect issues that should be addressed in the next growing season.

Seasonal landscape clean up service is important beacuse it is an intimate interaction with the ornamental landscape plants that allows for visual inspection of the plants both before the season begins and once the season is coming to an end. This service helps to keep the landscape clear of debris which can be a place for pest insects and disease to overwinter, it helps to maintain the visual appearance of the landscape plants, maintaning a tidy appearance. The seasonal clean up service is a great landscape maintenance practice that addresses the minimum needs of a landscape to be able to be healthy and tidy with some insights of what is happening in your landscape. The seasonal clean up service paired with plant health care is a great way to be proactive in monitoring and pretreating known issues in the landscape. The Plant Health Care (PHC) program can help you avoid costly losses in the landscape!

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