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Pruning Service

What is pruning services? Why is it important to have my trees and shrubs pruned?

Tree and shrub pruning is a maintenance service that aims at encouraging the shape of the tree or shrubs structure. It is used to maintain clearence between the plant and structures such as your home and walkways. Pruning of trees and shrubs can also be used to encourage new growth, remove dead plant material, train up the structure of a young plant, correct poor pruning practices, maintain proper structure.

Tree pruning every 2-5 years is important for your trees health

Just like many things in life, pruning services are an important practice in maintaining your landscape plants. Plants like perennials and ornamental shrubs can benefit from semi annual and annual pruning. This practice encourages new growth and flowering, it opens up the shrub which allows in light for inner growth. Ornamental trees should be pruned every 2-5 years to maintain branch structure, clearances, remove dead material, and opening up the canopy of the tree which aids in disease reduction in many trees.

If you would like to discuss pruning services for your landscape you can schedule a free 30 minute on site landscape evaluation on the WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC home page.

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