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Plant Health Care

What is plant health care service? Why is it important?

Plant Health Care (PHC) is one of the most important services that a homeowner can have!

Plant health care is a service in which the landscape is scouted looking for pest, disease, and environmental issues guided by the science of phenology. By using known relationships it is possible to protect the health of your ornamental landscape plants. Each growing season consists of five to six scheduled visits that are designed to coinside with pest and disease cycles in which treatments can be made in an effort to avoid damage to the health of your landscape plants thus saving you money and time that is associated with the removal and replacement of declining or dead plants.

Some Factors to consider

The ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials that make up your homes landscape are an expensive investment in your property. Then there is the time required for a new replacement plant to grow and mature into the space of a declined plant really can’t be expressed in money, because how can you quantify the cost of time? When you consider these factors, investing in a plant health care program really makes a lot of scense. You could think of a good plant health care program as buying an insurance policy to protect your landscape investment.

Michael White is a licensed pesticide applicator that practices both conventional and sustainable plant health care programs. Michael is a trained plant health care specialist who has been practicing his trade since 2010. He participates in continuing education and diagnostic walks to maintain his knowledge of pest and disease issues and means in which to prevent damage and avoid any new infestations.

To discuss getting a plant health care program put together for your home please schedule your free landscape evaluation with Michael which can be done on the WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC home page.